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I DO NOT GIVE OUT FREE READINGS OR ANSWER QUESTIONS FOR FREE. I am a natural born psychic seer My reading Focus on the journey of your soul I will tell you your past as only you know it .your present as it is.and your future to come I have helped hundreds of people find their way and their true potential in all of life’s matters such as love/relationships/career/and much more I also pride myself in soulmate now I have the answers you have been searching for many blessings Se habla espanol.


I Have over 25 years of experience. As an advisor an empath it is very difficult to hear from a client who is hurting and so deeply wants love but because of a painful past you find yourself unable to receive it. everyone has experienced heartache but not everyone recovers the same. for some they may move on rather quickly but others. it may take months for emotional damage to begin to get better. I want to share some useful tips on ways to balance your heart chakra so that you will not only heal but attract the right person and the love you have always wanted.

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