Sophia's Psychic Readings

Sophia's Psychic Reading


I am a master tarot reader and oracle card reader. I also perform automatic writing readings and I am traditional dream interpreter and light-worker.

My spirit guides assist me during my readings to further heighten my gift as well, sending me information such as times, colours, initials, names and thoughts and feelings of those involved in the reading. During my readings, I am able to help those who find that outside obstacle and interferes are too difficult to handle alone, and are preventing them from living the life they deserve.

I have been told by clients that my readings are accurate, kind, clear cut, straight forward and insightful. I’m told I connect quickly and as well as that my delivery is caring, be it good or not so good news that’s revealed.


I came to the understanding I was highly intuitive since about 4-5 years old. My own mother is a psychic medium (as well was her mother) and she along with others in the spiritual community helped me nurture my gift. I decided I wanted to pursue this vocation full time at the age of 11 and have done readings since. Guiding others, using my gift of precognition to help others, I have chosen to dedicate myself fully to my craft.

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Sprachen: English

Medien: Audio Anruf,

Ortszeit: (GMT-05:00) July 08, 2020, 06:18PM

Ort:Toronto  (Finden auf Google Landkarten)

$1.25 pro Minute (nach Ihrer Zustimmung)

20$ for 25 min reading!

My $10 deal:

I will give a 12-minute reading!