EsoTarot Da Cane

⭐️I am The Queen of Change Born An Intuitive Catalyst & Have Experienced Many Walks In Life & Can Advise Compassionately & Straightforward 4 The Purpose of Divine Healing Empowerment & Change That Aligns With Your Highest Aspirations ⭐️


I have a special ability to see right down to the root of a blockage & the way through it! I am usually the one people come to when ish gets REAL! I have proven myself to be an invaluable asset in a time of need & I would feel honored to help you.

I am here to extend the endless love ❤️ of the universe for whatever change you need most.

I am an empath with an uncanny ability to discern energies which makes me able to sense angels, spirits & guides that may walk with us; & know what they want & why they are here. I am a medium & a healer. An astrologer & a rune reader.

I firmly believe that if you have been guided to me there IS a DIVINE PURPOSE for our connection. ❤

Feel free to ask me for whatever is on your mind that you feel you need!


I DO NOT OFFER TIMEFRAMES! Timeframes are not for every reading!


❤️In my opinion, the greatest gift and one of the hardest things to both give and receive is THE TRUTH❤️

⭐️11 years Astrology⭐️

⭐️7-year Certified Tarot Enthusiast⭐️

⭐️18 years of Dream Analysis⭐️

⭐️11 years Domestic Violence Survivor & DV Counselor⭐️

For career & life-purpose life-path readings & ALL astrology readings I require your full name, date of birth, time of birth & location of birth. A $10 deposit to cast your birth chart & reserve a follow-up appointment 24-72 hours after your information has been received.

I type in length so do be patient

❤️ADVICE❤️ Please come to me prepared for THE TRUTH & with PATIENCE & OPENNESS for what the universe may have for you❤️

❤️ I DO NOT DO TIMEFRAMES ❤️ timeframes are not for every reading we must allow the universe to offer a timeline if it is important for your situation.❤️

LEGALLY REQUIRED:❤️ MuST BE 18 ❤️Readings are for educational & entertainment purposes ONLY! No medical or legal advice including pregnancies! No readings regarding lottery or gambling! Payment is for my time and refunds will not be given!

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