Goddess Chyld (Kristine)

I will empower and guide you to be your best self. Gain insight into your future. I have 26 years of professional experience. We work together as a team, to gain insight needed to get to the answers you seek and deserve!


I have 26 years of experience as a Tarot reader, psychic, and energy healer. I am an empath and can hone in on your energy quickly. Tarot is my divining tool. My compassionate and honest nature is my trademark. It’s my passion and compassion that clients return after even two decades later.

I’ve always felt a deep, empathic connection with things and people around me, and this has led me to a path of using that connection to help others.

I am a facilitator to assist you to reach your goals through psychic energy. By unifying combined energies, we recognize old patterns we fall into as we get stuck in life. With time, recognizing these old patterns, I work closely with my clients to get to what I call “the breakthrough.” Client’s newly discovered awareness combined with combined energy is the goal clients can expect: the ultimate answers and happiness you deserve. LGBTQ is one of my specialties.

A reading cannot be completed in the 3-minute short, introductory period. No refunds. Thank you.

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Metaphysical Science, IMHS


Clairaudient and clairsentient with more than 26 years experience as a Tarot reader, I am also an empath, energy healer and life coach. Tarot is my divining tool and compassionate, yet honest, nature is my trademark.

I see you moving toward an open and honest relationship. Don’t give up when things aren’t 100%. We can work to manifest your future with the law of attraction – I will show you how!

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$5.99 pro Minute (nach Ihrer Zustimmung)

15 minutes for $75

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10 Aug 2019 Unbefriedigende Bewertung indivinetiming1

Good connection, slow to respond

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14 Nov 2018 Unbefriedigende Bewertung yulee1990

Did not get much info that I didn’t already know. Unsure about connection and her ability to pick up things.

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