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I am a 4+ gen Empath and healer. I use Lenormand cards which are different than Tarot. More direct and precise for me. I can cut through to clear answers, reasons why, and dig deep into a situation.

I can offer you coaching on how to turn things around.

I also offer prayer candles which I dress and anoint and light for you in hopes of helping the energy of the situation.

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I also hold a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I will be attending graduate school for counseling, and I am more than happy to counsel you in life and troubles, including how to improve your life with LoA and energetically. I love learning about the metaphysical, science, and how the two overlap. :)


I may look young in my picture but I assure you I have over two decades of helping people with my gifts. I have been working with the Lenormand deck for a very long time.

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