Hello My Name Is Sophia. I am A Qualified Psychic & Spiritual Adviser Who Give In-Depth Psychic Readings. I Am A Professional Consultant Who Uses My Intuition To Offer Guidance To All Of My Clients Encouraging Them To Move In A Positive Direction And Face Challenges That May Lie Ahead Of Them. When You Have A Session With Me You Will Receive A Detailed And Insightful Reading That Will Cover All Aspects Of Your Life Where You Feel You Need The Most Guidance So If Your Looking For Information About LOVE, BUISNESS, HEALTH, CAREER, FRIENDS, Family, REALATIONSHIPS, CHEATING, BRAKEUPS DIVORCE OR CONNECTION WITH PAST LOVER & Much Much More Give Me A Try

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Reiki Master and Teacher.also Certified as a Crystal Healer and Psychic Reader Powerful Gifted Psychic, Reiki Healer & Love Specialist. She has 10years experience as a certified psychic reiki healing professional. sophia has been blessed with this powerful gift to help guide, teach and advise people with there everyday confusions to helping there biggest problems. Whether you are looking for insight from sophia astounding accurate psychic readings, severe relationship assistants or needing chakra balancing/aura cleansing sophia can help you gain higher knowledge, self control feel uplifted and obtain peace of mind!


I am a naturally God gifted psychic. I was born with the gift as it was passed down through my ancestors. I now have been doing professional readings for the past 10 years. I have helped many people with all the problems of life be it big or small. I also own and operate two psychic shops in the California area . I have a lot of experience in doing readings in person, over the phone and online as well. Using my gifts of psychic intuition, I am able to see things more clearly and direct you to the right path for your life and your soul. I will also guide you to achieving the relationship you want and empower you to fulfill your hopes and dreams.

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