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The number 1111 represents angels , they help guide me to advise you. Allow me to share my special gift with you . I’m a straightforward Psychic. I’ve never required tools in order to give a reading. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy… these dynamics just flow through as I open myself to be of use to others in their time of need. I’m here to help you find out about yourself, your life path and others in your life. I consider it my life’s goal to bring out the highest and the best that is within me, and (whenever possible) those around me. I’ve been spiritually inclined since childhood with a sense of wonder, seeking truth, while listening within to the “still small voice.” For over 17 years, I’ve been sharing intuitive readings with fellow travelers along life’s paths. On my end, the experiences which have helped me to help others include spiritual community life, encounters with folks from all walks of life. My Guidance is PROFESSIONAL ACCURATE HONEST & DETAILED .

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Accurate , Honest , Fast to the Point Readings. I was born with many gifts and have been a advisor for over 15 years with locations in Manhattan , Northern New Jersey and Southern Florida . I am new to BitWine and if you are looking for advise/reading from a PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR you have found the right man for the task .


Services and psychic advice are available for all matter of problems that life presents:      • Love      • Health      • Marriage      • Children      • Finances      • Job / Career      • Soul Mate      • Drugs / Alcohol / Addictions      • Divorce      • Past Life Regression      • Predictions      • Crystal Programming      • Chakra Balancing      • Tarot Card Reading      • Palm Reading / Palmistry      • Spiritual Cleansing      • Direction & Guidance

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Something he picked up on and other things were wrong but overall was interesting

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