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I am a forth generation psychic and healer it is my birth right, and I have embraced my gift to help and give insight to others.

I AM PSYCHIC I am able to tell past, present and future.

I AM CLAIRVOYANT I am able to see above and beyond my psychic abilities, the who, what, when, where and why.

I AM EMPATHIC I have the ability to understand and share feelings and intentions of others.








I qualify in multiple category’s , such as love, career, family. I welcome the LGBT community with open arms!. Please note my first 3 free minutes are for introduction and connection purpose only, I do not provide ANY free service thank you for understanding. I will not hold back any information, positive or negative. I am a true and sincere Psychic and a expert in making connections with Spirits / spirit guides "Expert Spiritualist " I can see into all situation’s and matters of life, I can connect with the subconscious of a person to reveal insight of their thought’s, emotions, intentions towards you or some one else. I am one of only a few "Psychics" who can perform "Heart To Heart" sessions, which allows me to let you to talk to a person(s) subconscious I can repair broken relationship’s no matter how difficult the situation may appear, this is my specialty I take great pride in mending broking soulmates/twin flames i also provide services in past life readings.

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22 Jun 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung bluerms

Mentioned travel or a move but I have not traveled or moved in over 13 years. She also mentioned their will be adding to my family & a bigger family in the future but I cannot have any more kids. I really dont think she was connected-Response Sorry but I dont think theyre will be adding to my family anytime in the future either when I cannot have anymore kids. 6/23 Response you where not connected this reading was for me and nothing to do with my sister you clearly said I'm meant to have to have a large family an that it will be growing in the future but your obviously not Psychic I came to ask about a man but she went on with a story that made no sense or had anything to do w my question. I mentioned my sister to you bc I said HMMM THATS FUNNY I DONT PLAN ON HAVING ANYMORE KIDS BUT MY SIS IS PREGNANT AND YET YOU STILL SAID I AM MEANT TO HAVE MORE KIDS PLEASE good story teller.

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13 Mar 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung lovelyriks

Very generic... nothing specific to me. She's lying. I read for almost the full 20 minute read and told her that her answers weren't providing any clarity and we're general. All she said was this happened to you as a test. Never specified the people I asked about and I had to tell her what was going on. I really wish we could post screenshots of what these advisors do in readings. And no I never asked for a refund because I don't feel like arguing with yet another fraudster. Keep the $10

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