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I’m ⭐️Lucida⭐️ of TWIN FLAME Rx, LTD.

Gain Clarity & Peace of Mind. Using my claircognition, I will uncover the root cause of the issues that concern you. I answer questions regarding all aspects of life, but specialize in navigating Romantic Relationships & Soul Connections. Since I’m a Twin Flame I’m blessed with natural healing abilities that I continually expand as I move forward on my own Life Path. My Soul Mission is to bring light, truth, & healing to all those that cross my path.

No free readings, The first 3 minutes is for you to give first names, dobs, questions, & request the deal type you’re interested in, or the per minute rate.NO REFUNDS; our chat transcript is evidence of agreement to pay for my TIME & energy.

The hardest things to hear usually become the keys to life-changing growth & transformation. Please open your mind to what Spirit prompts me to share; no sugarcoating.⭐️Time frames & healing depend on YOU following guidance.

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❤Certified Reiki Master & Instructor ❤Certified Infinity Healing Facilitator ❤Archangel-assisted Healer ❤Starseed Stargate Healing ❤Certified in Tarot Reading, Palm Reading & Dream Analysis ❤Working toward Astrology certification❤

Here to help ALL CLIENTS but specialize in Twin Flames because I am one! I’m able to channel the Higher Self/soul of your TWIN FLAME or STRONG SOUL CONNECTION. Through me, you can have a heart-to-heart chat with their Higher Self/Spirit/Soul/5D aspect, which has deep insights into your Beloved’s 3D behavior. The 15 minute session includes Angelic Healing.


30 years experience reading TAROT in-person & online. I continuously develop & expand my psychic and energy healing abilities. Professionally worked on other psychic networks since the late 1990s full & part-time.

Disclaimer: My services do not replace those of a licensed physician, attorney/lawyer, psychiatrist, etc. For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment only. I reserve the right to refuse service or block ANYONE for ANY reason. I do not comment on other readers’ predictions or other services they conduct for you. Consistent with the Terms of Service (TOS) of this site, your personal information is not shared with anyone, except bitwine & Paypal (you agree to this as a client of both sites). I am not responsible for your actions or choices after our session.

Clients whose ratings are marked #### or @@@ were ultimately unable to take responsibility for their own actions & for not following guidance given in session. Instead, they decided to create confusion so others would not get the assistance they are looking for.

If you are able to take responsibility for your own actions based on my insight & guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me! I have helped tens of thousands of people just like you, over the last 30 years. I look forward to chatting with you and getting you back on the road to love, happiness, fulfillment, peace and prosperity. Namaste.

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19 Aug 2019 Exzellente Bewertung courtneybrea2184

lucida is true blue honest and accurate and an expert with twin flames, no one is like her.. the absolute best love you lucida xoxox

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17 Aug 2019 Exzellente Bewertung corbjon

Thank you.

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17 Aug 2019 Exzellente Bewertung herlockedit

Great reading! Amazing insight. I’ve been freed.

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15 Aug 2019 Exzellente Bewertung luisandres

Today a light just filled my soul thanks to this reading. I had thought of something and she confirmed my thought. I cannot express how happy my mind and soul feels after this reading. I feel lifted and focused on making my dream come true. Life is such a journey and when you are able to find that true guidance listen to it. In the end I know that I will reach my goal and Im so thankful for your help. Blessings to you. xo :)

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14 Aug 2019 Exzellente Bewertung sharon1984


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