Psychic Master Spiritual Healer Offering Past Present Future Readings. Full Life Cleansings I Can Tap In To All Aspects Of Life Such As Love.Money.Work.Family.Addictions.Pets And Much More!...I am Honest True Gifted Psychic Who Will Not Waste Time On None Sense I Will Tell You What You Need To Know Not What You Want To Here!...I Do Not Sugar Coat The Bad ..My Psychic Power Will Be Used In The Reading To Guide You…I Promise One Reading With Me You Will Feel More At Peace I Am Here To Help Not Make You More Confused …I Can Clear Any Blockage In Your Life Path..i Can Look Pass Any Negative Energy To Give You Accurate Information On Any Issue In Life ..Passing On My Energy To you Just Buy Doing a Reading You Will Already Start To Feel The white Light And Clearing Of The Mind Body And Soul!...Chat With Me For a Spiritual Connected Psychic Reading God bless

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Forth generation gifted psychic. 21 years of experience in the psychic world reading energy spiritual healing handling chakra balancing. With my intuitive and powerful psychic ability I can tap into anyone’s vibration of energy. NO TOOLS NEEDED JUST D.O.B START OF READING FOR UNREGISTERED USERS THERE IS NO TEST READING OR TEST QUESTION IN MY SESSION PLS PROVIDE D.O.B START OF READING AND CHOICE OF SPECIAL OR PER MIN TY!


21 yrs of exp owner of 2 shops Nyc Also In D.c

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