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I do NOT give free readings. You pay for my time. Please respect my time as a proffessional as I would not ask for free service from you.

I am here to asist you in the issues that arise on your life. I am a spiritual alchemist, I can coach you on how to manifest what you want. I will not do magick for you but I can tell you how to do it yourself if you would like this. I not only want to help you get clarity, but I want to help you achieve your goals.

I read cards and energy and will help you in al situations in your life but cannot help with health (including pregnancy) and legal.

If you want peace of mind, a no sugar coating, tell it like it is reading then come talk to me.

Do not ask general questions and get mad when you get general answers and please do not come looking for fairy tales.

No Refunds! I do NOT guarantee outcomes. No Free Readings and I do not play test the Psychic. I am a professional, if you dont trust me, dont click to request to work with me.

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I am a 3rd generation Psychic Intuitive and Empath. Although both my mother and her mother showed signs of psychic gifts, I am the first generation to develop and use it to help people. You can also find me on Purple Ocean as Empathic Leo. I read Tarot, Oracle, and Crystal healing cards and do Reiki.


Guiding people is something I was called to at a very young age. Although I did not understand it, growing up in a very religious town, I persued my education and understanding of it as soon as I could as a teenager. I have seen, felt, and heard spirits, I can pick up on peoples feelings and have a strong intuition.

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