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Insights by Sylvia


Insights By Sylvia Only needing your name and date of birth, i tap into your energy and allow my spirit guides to guide my mind and body to get the information you are looking for. Tarots are used to help me get specific information I can tell you what others are thinking,feeling,and what they are going to do.

So your questions regarding your marriage, relationship, Job, or career can be answered with just a simple test of faith.


★My Services Include★

✔ Energy and Aura Readings

✔ Tarot Readings

✔ Chakra

✔ Astrology

✔ Crystals


★Specializing In★

✔ Love & Relationship

✔ Work & Financial

✔ Reuniting Soulmates

✔ White Magic

✔ Health

✔ Dream Interpretations

✔ Energy Healing

✔ Chakra Balancing

✔ Cleansing



Hello My name is Miss Sylvia. I have been givin the gift of clairvoyance. With this gift i intend to help coach and heal your energy and give you clarity of what lies ahead. I give peace & closure for your past. Guidance for your present and insight on your future. ..

Talk to you soon :) .....

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16 Mar 2019 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung kal4483

The reading was good the prediction was off. Nothing has changed or even started to book like it would change like I was told 2 weeks have gone by and still the same thing

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06 Mar 2019 Exzellente Bewertung fabiola

Good HONEST reader.Very honest and TRUTHFUL.Made me feel calm and at esse during the reading.Not like with them other psychics that cause me a lot of frustration,and confusion at the end.the contrary with this advisor.Made me feel relaxed and calm during and after the reading.Also very friendly,nice,polite and very attentive to my messages during chat.didnt ignore like the other readers.this reader was very on itLOVED IT!would recommend to people and would also come back myself!thank PSYCHIC ADVISOR(INSIGHTSBYSYLVIA)!U deserve a Golden star for ll your hard work!Thank!

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05 Mar 2019 Exzellente Bewertung fly11

Connected and accurate. Picked up very clearly on what is gojng on in the POI mind and life and gave what sounds like an accurate prediction.

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03 Mar 2019 Exzellente Bewertung demee

Very good reading def recommend lots of insight, tuned in my situation very accurately

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29 Jan 2019 Unbefriedigende Bewertung alex223

Not so CLEAR about most and I change review if any prediction come to pass ... Very unclear delivery.

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