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Confused about your love life? Wondering how someone is feeling? Need clarification where your relationship may be heading? I can give you insight regarding all matters of love. Please be aware, though, that I will not always give you the answer or outcome you may be desiring. I wish that all relationships had happy endings, but sometimes, love is sent to us to teach us a lesson about ourselves. I also can do timing of events, find lost objects, give career and financial guidance.

I utilize not only intuitive ability, but, Horary, Natal and Predictive Astrological methods. I also read Tarot and Lenormand cards. Another form of reading I do is called Cards of Destiny and Love Cards. The Cards of Destiny can give you a yearly overview of what may occur, while Love Cards can show what your connection is to another person.

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★ Research Member: AFA ★ Member: NCGR, AFAN, ISAR & Cosmobiology Research Foundation ★ Sophia Mason School of Astrology (Advanced Studies) ★Horary Diploma Practitioner Course ★Advanced Predictive Astrology Course ★Cosmobiology Research Foundation Course★


I have had a private office that I have performed readings from since 1996. I have also done countless readings online. 30+ years of astrological study and reading experience.

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