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~♥✯☽♥ ♥ Seeking truth? contact me today! ~♥✯☽♥ ♥I have studied in tarot and palmistry all my life to give you the most accurate and detail in a reading all i need is your date of birth (and the other persons date of birth if it was love guidance) and name for the reading to help and guide me in the places you want me to look into or for a all general reading IF CHAT CUTS OUT PLEASE CALL BACK

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I have been studying in tarot and palmistry to give people the best of a reading I have ever 10 years of experience helping out people with guidance in there love life i went to louisiana for 5 years to study with a well known psychic to help me and train my gift


I discovered my gift at 10 years old when i seen a women crying in front of a church,when seen child come next to me and say tell that women bc its not her fault and because im healthy and breathing now i went up to this women and told her a smiled came to her face and tears starting coming down her cheeks and she said thank you thats very nice to know and tell him bc his mom loves him he said to tell her i love you too and goodbye i will never forget this day i remember like it was yesterday. ever since then i knew i had a gift from god to help and guide people in all aspects of there life

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