Hello my name is Azmarayith, I’m a Spiritual Consultant/Certified Reiki Master/Energy Healer, Professional Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist Extraordinaire! Please allow Me to Help You Raise Your Personal Energy Vibrations to Attract Health, Wealth LOVE and Happiness. I Specialize in Connecting Soulmates, I do Distance Healings, Aura Cleansings and Chakra Balancing as well as many other things. My extensive background in Numerology and my fascination with the Fibonacci Sequence led me to the Connection between Personal and Universal Energy Vibrations. In recent years there have been Numerous Studies on the Power of Positive Thinking and Creative Visualization, it WORKS and it WILL Work Faster when Your Personal Energy Vibrations are in Tune with Cosmic Forces. CALL NOW & SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS! (Non Judgmental and Completely Confidential)Let Your Azmarayith Xperience Begin!

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I am Ordained as a Spiritual Humanist. It is a Religion based on Reason and I Truly Believe it is Reasonable to TRUST that there is a Higher Power. I am a Spiritual Adviser, Life Coach and Certified Master Reiki Practitioner.


In all honesty I never thought I was Psychic, I always thought I was just a really good guesser. I can’t remember a time when I Didn’t Know. It’s kept me out of a lot of TROUBLE ;-)

One of the things I recently learned I can do is communicate with those who have departed this realm of existence with my Tarot cards. I was asked by a caller one night if I could do that. I figured Energy is Energy and it really has NO Barriers, so I gave it a try and It Worked! I've done it successfully quite a few times and would like to keep testing this unique attribute my cards seem to carry.

I’m still learning about me and my gifts and as I figure them out I Will Gladly SHARE

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