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♥♥♥DETAILS ON HOW THEY THINK ABOUT YOU. What is their Intentions and Plans ♥♥♥.


♥♥♥FIND OUT HOW THIS PERSON FEELS AND WHAT TO EXPECT. I don’t use tools. I am very accurate I get to the point and don’t Sugar coat. I offer details Time frames And solutions. I can tell you what someone feels and thinks about you. I can let you know if you are wasting your time with this person or if there is hope and what to expect. find out if they are true and honest. find out who is your life partner. Psychic readings to me is a personal connecting between this world and the spiritual world the benefits to me are is making a true positive connection for visions to help guide and lead in the right path. How I prepare for a reading, the first thing i do in the morning is go into a deep meditation to renew my spirit and connect with my self and spirit guides. How I connect with callers, I am able to pick up on the callers energy Through voice vibrations or name and date of birth. My hope for my callers is to be as accurate with there reading, leaving them feeling refreshed and renewed.

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third generation psychic. born gifted. took energy healing classes.


over 15 years experience as a psychic clairvoyant. I have done readings in person over the phone and online. I was on Festivals and Radio stations. I first discovered my gift when i was about 10 years old. My grandmother help me to understand and develop my spiritual gift as she was a medium and picked up on my gift she also recommended me to take energy healing classe.

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$2.99 pro Minute (nach Ihrer Zustimmung)

Psychic Reading 9min for $20 or Love Reading $50 20mins

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♥Find out how someone feels about you ♥ 6 Min



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26 Jan 2021 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung nicolesw_

so so negative. I could not believe it. she jumped right into saying that my bf was talking to others girls. I want refund!

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16 Oct 2020 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung famouspaint

The worst reader on here without a doubt. I requested a refund immediately when she said that my boyfriend and I had an argument and that's why we weren't speaking - I told her it wasn't true, she said "well, it's going to happen." Who wishes negativity on their client? I asked her to STOP the reading not even ONE minute into it. UPDATE: She did issue me a refund AFTER I left this review & asked me to remove the review "in exchange for the refund." Uh, NO. You owe me the refund regardless. I'll bet you think 200 times before you wish harm on your clients in the future, won't you?

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17 Apr 2019 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung Nikki (unregistered)

I would like a refund please i feel you where slow to type and i had to pull answers from you that i didn’t get at the end you asked if i would like a 10.00 deal you barley said anything. I would like a refund!

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20 Feb 2019 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung rachalexandria

Completely slow and doesn’t answer questions when asked repeatedly stole money and milked as much time as she could so wrong

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20 Oct 2018 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung soaplady72916

I went back because I was left unsure with the first reading but she is most polite to ask my sane question to try and get a answer it’s not that I did not like the answer I felt no connection but that does not mean she’s not good she may connect with others but for some reason our connection was not there

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