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Extremely God gifted, Very Detailed, Highly in-tuned spiritual connections, Specialized in giving REMARKABLY, ACCURATE Absolutely (NO FLUFF) Life Tarot Readings.


Everybody is very welcome to experiencing my gifts,I help you to thoroughly understand everything in order to get the most BENEFICIALLY, HONEST & TRUTHFUL ANSWERS that you came to get for your life’s most challenging questions.

I specialize in spiritual & life advisory, so please take full advantage of that as i take you under my wing to helping you gain more perspective about your life’s journey’s in all it has to offer you.

My specialties when answering to your most challenging questions include: Astrology Personal Life Spirituality Business and finance Numerology Psychic Reading Dream Analysis Love & Relationship Soul mate Connection Single & Dating Parents & Children Affairs & Cheating Breaking up & Divorce

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Over 31 years of personal experience and 17 professional years of helping individuals local and all over the internet.


Welcome everyone my name is True Readings, I would like to start by thanking you for stopping by as you inquire details about the best fit of advisory to assist you with the information you desperately are in search of.

I’ve been spiritually inclined since a child all my life and started noticing my abilities around the sweet age of 5, I accepted my gifts good and bad stuff at the age of 7 reading family members and seeing the shockingly, surprising looks on their faces. It wasn’t until I hit 15 i was reading friends and friends of friends to just about anybody who was interested.

I never was one to force information on anybody so locally I started helping general people from my neighborhood,around the age of 18 up to 27, I am 28 now and helped many people locally. My task now is trying to help people from all across the world online, and now I’m here starting to help one person at a time not all of them leave comments here but I’ve helped many awesome people, in hopes of sharing the same experiences with new friends.

Are you in a relationship and need to be sure if things are going to the next level? Are you in search of love & want to see if abundance is in your future? Are you going after that new job or starting that new business journey and want to know if things will work out or not?

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Whatever challenging questions you may have, I strive for perfection of accuracy in order to give you the most helpful & beneficial life tarot readings you desperately are in search of online.

If you have ever felt there are answers and certain aspects to your life that you just have not been able to tap into because you just either can’t tap into it yourself or you just could not find the right Tarot Life Adviser to connect to your higher spirituals as you needed.

Then you have came to the right clairvoyant.I am very honored to be assisting all of you with the most benevolent insights possible, tailored to your life.

My accuracy is 100% certain to all questions I answer regardless of the good or bad news I receive for the recipient at the moment, the information is still very accurate.

I do not do this for fun, even though there are very fun experiences from time to time and I do not do this for my health.

I am a healer here to heal others, along with healing I send you protection and also do Life Changing spells, (Only If Really needed) as well for those who are interested and would like to know how to heal themselves and get desired things in your life properly and organically please visit my website for more details about that.

(Please Watch Video)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G67VU2OHmMs

Is there anything you would like to share? Is there something you really need to know?

Then please feel free to try my services as I await to assist you.

Thank you all very much & May God Bless you & your homes.

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