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Need to be empowered to make informed decisions regarding your life? Love* Money* Work*... let's chat. PLEASE REGISTER before calling, thanks!


I am a spiritualist clairvoyant and a natural psychic. This ‘other sense‘ gifted to me, has matured and developed powerfully over the years, allowing me the ability to empower others to make informed decisions regarding their lives. It is a powerful process, and helps people to be open to life changing experiences. I have many years’ experience and specialize in helping people through difficult situations. A reading will identify the difficulties in your life and guide you in a direction that can help both you and those around you.

My highly honed clairvoyant talents leave my clients feeling spiritually renewed and empowered. Honesty is paramount to me and I do not offer sugarcoated readings or say just what you may want to hear.

I provide inspired guidance on love and relationship issues, as well as money and business.

Clients continue to experience my messages of love, healing, energy and direction long after the reading is complete.

In love and light

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Master degree in Business Administration and financial analyst, spiritual counselor


I am a natural-born psychic with a compassionate nature and I love empowering others to make informed decisions regarding their lives. I provide illuminating advice on love and relationship issues, as well as money and business to those who are feeling overwhelmed by life’s difficulties. I also offer an exceptional opportunity to communicate openly with personal Spirit Guides, Angelic’s and deceased loved ones.

Always get readings when you feel relaxed and focus on ONE topic/person as too many energies will give an inaccurate reading. Be straightforward and honest with me and remain open minded as to what you hear.

REMEMBER The more readings you get, the less accuracy you will receive. Too many readers/readings confuse energies and delay predictions.

PLEASE avoid one question after the other without giving me a chance to connect to my guide, I am not magic! My job is to guide and advise you on what is likely to happen if you continue on your current path.

My method of reading is via spirit guides and tarot cards. These messages may not make sense initially but will at a later date – sometimes my predictions may seem way off but later on will make perfect sense—predictions do not happen overnight! PLEASE think of this before leaving a bad feedback.

DISCLAIMER: I will always tell you what I see with truthfulness. I am open and honest about what I see at the time of the reading. However, I believe the future is fluid, not static. Predictions are not promises or guarantees – only God can offer such things. Predictions are estimates based on what path you are on at the time of the reading – free will and other variables can change things.

You are paying for my time therefore there is no refund policy in place. Once a paid reading begins, payment needs to continue until the end. This is my work and I cannot give free readings.

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