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Enchanted Love Advice by Erica, the white wiccan love foreseer!


Greetings to all from Erica, the enchanted white Wiccan! You have stumbled across my profile by fate rather than coincidence! I am here to shed love and light to the dark tunnel that you are currently in. I am A psychic love goddess, white healer, empath, foreseer & mastered the art of tarot at a very young age. This is my passion & what I enjoy most in life is helping people just like you finding the path that they were truly destined to walk. I offer many different types of psychic readings, so feel free to ask. I work with a large array of tools that I bring out when my guides tell me that they are necessary. I am a natural born psychic with a white angel on my shoulder who not only speaks to me but also clarifies my visions. I am a very honest and caring spirit that will go the extra mike to make sure that you are happy. However, by no means am I a fantasy reader! What I see is what you’re going to get; nothing more, nothing less! After one chat you will leave with an uplifted spirit + a understanding.

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I come from a family of whom were all wiccans, shaman high priests & foreseers. My ancestry traces back to Salem. So this isn’t something that I have learned. It’s been passed down to me as a gift from the belated spirits before me and not to mention the Gods and goddesses from above. First & foremost, I am a natural born psychic whom can predict events in your life that has yet occurred. I am also blessed with many other spiritual abilities such as:

Fortune telling: I can see the future along with giving you an in-depth outlook on what’s in store revolving around Love, career, luck, assets + more.

Certified tarot reader: I have mastered the art of tarot & use an ancient deck of cards that I pray over with my white guide to give you an accurate outlook on what lies ahead of your future!

Clarisentient: I can tap into the inner thoughts & emotions of you, your partner or any other spirit present.

Master spell caster: I am a white healer that only uses light magic to conjure up custom spells.


My psychic abilities run through my blood and veins that date back over centuries ago. I first discovered my gift when I had a near death experience due to a tragic fire, it had sadly took my belated grandmother and grandfather whom had raised me. I was devastated and left unconscious but soon woke up later from a vision that I had. At the young age of 7 I had no idea what to do and wish I could of gotten to my grandparents sooner… I then moved in with my father whom was a high priest. My powers began to grow and become more stronger and clear. I spoke to my father about what I am able to predict and how I am able to see the darkness around us whenever we were at the church. He had told me how it is a very precious gift and if I practice we can together mold and control it to use it for good and helping others. I spent my childhood and teenage years working along side my father at the church. When I fully crafted my gift I took it to the next level as a practicing medium. I can channel in with the dead and answer questions that you may want to ask along with passing on a message that a belated loved one has left for you. I am a licensed high priestess and apart of a white Wicca coven where we practice white magic and all natural spells together as a circle. We do not harm any individuals nor mess with free will! I am all about natural solutions to help you, myself and others around! I work part time at a Psychic Eye in Georgia where I give readings. I have been on the internet as an online psychic for almost a decade! I traveled around the world helping people from all walks of life and if you allow me to help you, I can set free your spirit from all that is against and keeping you from the happiness that you soon will receive! I care for each and every single one of my clients as if they were one of my lifelong friends. It truly leaves a burden on my soul to see someones heart break. Anything that you are suffering from we can come together as one to put an end to it. I truly can’t wait to chat and hope you choose me to be your psychic. Love, light and blessings from Erica White.

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31 May 2014 Exzellente Bewertung Brandon_T (unregistered)

the finest. had many readings she hit da nail wit this 1 with no questions asked. she told me about my ex and how to move on and even channeled in on family problems... Shes da best. gb u Erica will keep in touch. gonna try a cleanse 2 feel better. c u : )

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20 May 2014 Exzellente Bewertung nancy123 (unregistered)

EXCELLENT--- she spot to the point. Should try and very nice lady

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14 Dec 2013 Exzellente Bewertung rsonlinepsychicnetwork

Thanks for everything. Hopeful. Something to look forward to.

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23 Jun 2013 Exzellente Bewertung lp (unregistered)

Great reading!

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24 May 2013 Exzellente Bewertung anne (unregistered)

awesome reader

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