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Allow me to introduce myself,my name is "Angel Girl" Jacqueline Marie. My specialties include love and relationships, Work, Finances,and finding direction in life. I can help you find the ways to manifest your dreams,and I can serve as your personal life coach. Please read my full intro in its entirety so that you can determine that I am the best reader for you.I’m a gifted Fourth Generation Spiritual Medium,Angel Reader, Honest & caring, and intuitive. I use my natural ability for your reading and state what I’m seeing and hearing from spirit .I’m always truthful and sometimes truth is hard to hear, but I always offer information in such a way that will be helpful and informative to you and allows freedom for you.I always try to encourage personal empowerment and growth, to help you deal with your past and present situations to move forward to a bright future.

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For the past 20 yrs,I have been truly blessed with clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience.This lead me to taking Light working with Angels Online Courses and Spiritual life couching to open up my intuition to offer guidance to all of my clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. All of my sessions are specifically designed to meet your individual needs whether they are Angel Readings, Medium-ship or a combination of these methods.Everyday is a truly blessed day as I continue to help others with challenges through life. Allow me to share messages of truth, wisdom, love and clarity from Spirit so that worry and doubt may cease for good! I look forward to helping you Namaste

Usui Reiki Healing Master Certificate, Lightworking with Angels Level 1&2 practitioner, Holistic Learning Centers, Master Life Coach and Registered Nurse Gifted Spiritual Medium,Angel Practitioner & Healer.


Ok, so Before we get started, I want you to decide if Im the right reader for you. I will start with past influences now having effects on the situation, The influences surrounding you at the minute, Future influences effecting you, what to do, external influences so you can move forward, Your hopes and your fears and then the final outcome.I just tell it how I see, hear and feel. I hope this helps and look forward to talking with you!

PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT DO FREE READINGS ON THIS SITE OR ANY OTHER. It is against Bitwine policy to not pay for your reading*

Spiritual Medium since the age of 5 yrs. Been giving Readings on my own site since 1992 – Present. I Have my Own Radio Show The Angel Girl Radio Show! Also I give Readings on Starz Psychic Readings and Keen. Also On various Blogtalk Radio shows.

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