Claude-Michel Prevost

Voodoo Zen Pointers for Mature and Immature Males


I’ve been learning – and living – the Osho Zen tarot deck for 15 years now, and the New Orleans Voodoo deck for 9 years.

I’ve been Shaman for 6 New Frontiers men’s initiations and grunt for way too many Sterling Men’s Weekends to count. I did my Weekend in Birch Bay, 1994.

I’m also a Re-Evaluation Counsellor – student, class assistant and support group workshop participant.

I spent 2009 in Haiti, West Indies, renewing contact with roots and families, and I now feel more qualified/useful in helping my fellow humans – humens- locate and destroy the barriers between them and their own power, and, with that power, being the humans they’ve always wanted to be.


Take a deep breath.

Think about your question.

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Tarot Reader for 15 years.

Shamanic Studies (4 years)
Teacher: Clinton Jarboe.

Reevaluation Counselling Fundamentals. Teachers: Elisabeth Shefrin, Steve Watson, Susan Kammerzell.

Personal Power Coaching 1 & II, Coaching and Leadership Int’l.
Teachers: John & Betska Burr.


Tarot Reader for 15 years.

Present decks: Osho Zen and New Orleans Voodoo.

Locations: Sacred Space, Vancouver; West Coast Institute of Mystic Arts, North Van; The Oracle, Whistler; The Art of Tarot, Calgary Stampede.

Countries I’ve lived in: Haiti; Liberia; Zaire; France; Belgium; Quebec; Canada; USA.

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