I am here to provide some insight and a listening ear. The future is entirely in your hands. I can be someone to talk to, and if connected, I may be able to receive messages from Spirit for you.

I receive messages from Spirit through images and feelings. Your confirmation of what I receive is up to you.

I have several Tarot decks, crystals and blessed candles. But it is primarily through spirit that I do readings.


Readings are not meant to replace professional advice from licensed practitioners.

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Angel and Fairy Reader Certifications; women empowerment and spirituality – trained with the Tutuskya (Wheel of Life) path of ease and flow.

I have my own reading website; had been a reader from another online psychic site last year before taking a break.

I have an AA and a BA degree, a normal 9-5 job and going for my MA soon.


Had been reading for years with tarot and clairsentience; able to connect with the Other Side when querent is open. I would rather call myself a conduit of healing than a psychic, but to each her own. I am very happy to be of assistance to anyone. :)

NO – I do not offer to meditate for you, pray for you, release your negativity for you, solve your issues for you, cleanse your soul for you in for a fee. I can never do that, because ONLY YOU CAN! If you don’t believe this truth, then I cannot help you at all.

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