SHE IS TOP RATED PSYCHIC!she can bring your loved ones into your life. Her readings are accurate and powerful works are carried out.


I am ANN that uses your voice vibration to reveal the answers that you seek. I am open-minded, compassionate and very accurate. You will find that I am easy to open and pour your heart out to which allows you to find healing. You deserve to have love, peace and joy in your life and working in-depth with me can make it happen. I only share my gifts with people seeking an answer. My readings will astonish you and the clarity they will give you about the future. I come from 4 generations of psychics past down in my family history. I have helped the police find people and worked for the lost children’s foundation. I have read for many important people and told them about the successes they will reach. I have confidence in my abilities that you will be so relieved to get your answers. Do not feel alone with your situation, let’s get the answers YOU DESERVE.

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Astrologer, Intuitive, Lucid Dreamer.

30 Years Recognized Gift.


Over 25 years experience! I have the gifts of intuition and insight. These gifts were NOT learned or taught.

Knowledge is power and it’s about time you had power over your own future.

The work I do is VERY different from others. I am not here to play games or mislead you with what you "want" to hear, but what you need to hear, "the truth".

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22 Nov 2019 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung sherkyrad

Reading went well, until she actually hung up in the middle of the reading. I wanted to see if it was by mistake because I messaged her twice to see if there was any issues, she never replied. I also called the chat this morning to hear from her directly. She purposely didn’t answer my call so I guess it was intentional. It was rude because we didn’t finish and it was in the middle of our reading, she could have said “our time is up, would you like more time added”. Simple

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22 Feb 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung blondie_1

Was chatting and i guess got disconnected. Never got to say goodbye and didn't answer all questions or even say time up.

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01 Feb 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung willt1985

I really was not happy with this reading at all. It was extremely dull, no real details, took extremely long pauses to respond, (I still gave her the benefit of the doubt) with little evidence to back her connections or claims. I was hoping to see if she was as accurate as her headlines represented. I was totally thrown off by her inaccuracies and will definitely be consulting with my bank for a refund for my obviously wasted $30. This is not cool and quite scamming.

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21 Nov 2016 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung kaylz

Not very insightful

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03 Oct 2016 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung melly44

Not happy at all. I want a refund. Just stopped responding for quite some time and ended up unhappy.

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