Please Help.

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I’ve been having technical issues when trying to connect to an adviser here on BitWine. Every adviser I click on and try to connect with every single one says the adviser cannot connect with you at this time.


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Jamey (jamey)

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If you have gone to advisors and canceled the payment request, or left after the payment request without paying for a session, the system keeps track of this. We have the ability to automatically block after so many failed payments.

If this is not the case, use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of any page to contact tech support.

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please try me

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If you want help with a boy, i will need some information on what you would like to know about this boy. For a reading contact me.

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My name is Angelic Guide & I am known for being an empathy. I can feel what you are going through. I am able to feel the energy around you along with my spirit guides.

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