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Hey there i was wondering if anyone was familiar with past life regression. I have a few questions. is that something that has to be done as the person is sleeping? Do you have to be in front of the person to do this for them> whats it all about and how do i look into having one done> Thank you and bless you all <3>

Vor over 8 years
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Blessings! I can give you a reading and tell you what I see with your past lives. You seem a very open person which means most of the time things will come to you very easily about your past lives. Please check out my profile and if you like what you see please contact me for a reading. Love and Light.

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Hello,Let me give you full insight and how to know about your pass life and much more and what does it have to do with your present life , and what to avoid , and what to change . Come in and let me help you . On line now Live cha t. Come in and let me ease your concerns . Blessings

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hello ! start a chat with me today to get a better understanding of which path you should be on, I can answer any questions you may have, whether it be questions you have about career, love and relationships, health for you health for others surrounding you. call now !

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Hi Jennifer,

Your question sabout past life regression is not really a question most intuitive readers can answer but I actually offer past life regression (hypnotherapy) in my home office. I charge people $125 per session for that service.

The person is NOT sleeping. They are merely hypnotized to make contact with the memories their subconscious mind has held onto but what they’ve forgotten consciously.

The reason you want a hypnotherapist present (and not just do this over the phone) is the hypnotherapist needs to be able to guide you through the recesses of your mind while also watching over you to make sure you’re not experiencing too traumatic of memories. After all … the idea of past life is you died at some point and you would not want to experience a death or other traumatic memory without being guided to a safer place by the hypnotherapist.

I hope that helps you understand what to look for.