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Hi what do u see for me at my current job I work overnight shift at a 24hr walmart…This is not my dream job nor did I expect to stay as long as up to now…I started working there when I was 20 and now I’m 27 years old and to be honest I have a lot dreams and goals and I’m very talent but it always hard for me to stay focus..Because sometimes there’s a lot things get in the way of things I’m trying to accomplish, its hard for me to focus and I don’t feel like myself anymore….to make these goals happen and to better my overall life…but I do feel stuck and sometimes I’m sad/depressed about a lot things concerning this but I don’t have any regrets..Because I have learned from it, got stronger and overcome a lot of things..But I am worried about my future or if I even do have a future..I don’t know I just feel like the life I’m living now I shouldn’t be living..I should’ve been somewhere else in my life…

Vor over 8 years
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Hey hon. Sorry to hear you are going through this. I have felt this way before too and been in your spot. I would love to help you out. Please meet me in chat for a paid session. Love to you!

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Hello, Let me help you and give you full insight and what is ahead around your work and new direction , and any other questions you have . I will give you the truth through spirit . I will help you with your stress also and how to ease this sadness . I’m on line now -Live chat . I have specials today . Blessings