3 yrs, and I dont even know his name...

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Ive been having an affair with this guy from my neighborhood for just over 3 years now, and it really has me in my feelings.. Alot has happen between us emotionally, well.. me, alot has happen to me : ‘( Anyway… We recently just started speaking again, and started making plans to spend the night together (Would’ve been our first time spending the night with each other) .. But to sum it up, I think he’s in trouble. The neighborhood has been talking, and I dont know what to believe, it has me worried.. Ive been calling him, and his phone just rings, normally if he doesn’t want to talk, he’ll just send me to voice-mail… Because our relationship is secret, I have to be descreet about my interests of his where-abouts. I started to search for him online, and do a criminal background check, but came to a dead end, because he lied to me about his last name.. Can someone help me? I’m not even mad, I just want to find out who he is, or a way to find out without happening to ask around, get it? I hope someone could give me something, I need Raw answers!

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In all honestly, I would ask myself what you are hoping to really learn. Do you truly believe he’s in trouble or that he’s avoiding contact. He quite clearly intentionally hiding a bit about himself. What is going to change when he discloses his truth? Honestly?

If I were you I would draw boundaries based on facts. The thing is, I’m POSITIVE, HIS answers will change based on what he wants to hear.

Take a look at my profile and get an idea of reading style. I’ll provide you with the truth regardless of what think you want to hear or not.

Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you have. I’ll provide the truth

Warm Regards, Pixie