Choosing a Psychic Advisor

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As a psychic advisor, I am often asked about how one can choose a good psychic advisor. So, I am presenting some tips here which can be useful to all.

Choosing a psychic advisor can be a complicated process. Many people are tempted by a psychic’s claims and often end up disappointed and feeling swindled. Before you embark on a psychic reading, be sure you are dealing with an authentic psychic advisor.

1.First, consider your reasons for seeking the advice of a psychic. There are many types of psychics, so it is important to be sure you are dealing with the type of psychic advisor who can help you with your specific needs.

2.Choose which specialty you would like to pursue. These include palm readers, tarot card readers, intuitive readings, tea leaves and astrological charts.

3.Check with your friends and family for recommendations. The real psychics don’t typically need to advertise, so without a recommendation it may be hard to find an authentic psychic advisor. If you cannot get referred by a friend, then consider looking at articles about psychics. The best ones will have been written about positively.

4.If you make contact with a real psychic online, ask for references. A good psychic advisor will not hesitate to provide them for you. You may also want to call and interview potential advisors before hiring one. Ask them about their personal beliefs, background and training, and don’t forget to ask for pricing.

5.Make sure you will be allowed to tape the session so you can have a record of what was discussed. If a psychic refuses this, then don’t book a reading with them.

6.Do not allow a psychic advisor to pressure you into making an appointment before you are ready.

7.Beware of psychics who are looking to sell you something. A genuine psychic advisor will not try to sell you useless paraphernalia like candles, potions, or good luck charms.

8.A real psychic will not offer to give you tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers, put a curse on your worst enemies, or bring back your husband. Any claims like this are nothing more than empty promises and should be a clear signal to look elsewhere for guidance.

9.Professional psychic advisors will want to work with you to seek your individual spiritual growth. They will not be interested in telling you what you ate for dinner last night, or how many coins are in your pocket. Seeking a psychic should be about self-empowerment, not magic tricks.

10.When you find an authentic psychic advisor, take the time to prepare for your session. Create a list of questions, and be prepared to discuss the big-picture issues in your life.

In summary, look for a psychic with a strong list of recommendations and a history of accurate psychic readings. A genuine psychic advisor will not be interested in providing you with stock market advice, or answering frivolous questions that have no impact on your life. They should emphasize positive spiritual growth and the redirection of energy in your life, not vindictive curses, black magic or negativity.

If you are finding that life is presenting you with a number of puzzling issues and insurmountable pressures, seeking the advice of a genuine psychic advisor can set you on the right path to enlightenment.

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to art I wish to express peace love and light to you for such an accurate post thank you