New Moon in Aries, Energetic Expansion

Vor 28 Tage

New Moon in Aries Energetic Expansion 12th April 2021

10:30 am Kuala Lumpur, 12.30 pm Sydney, 10:30 pm Eastern Time (11th April 2021)

Energetic Expansion

The sky is lit up with the fiery energy of Aries at this New Moon. Tuning in we can feel the energetic expansion that is happening now in ourselves and in our lives.

Aries as the first sign of the Zodiac is bold and pioneering. Being the principle of new life, Aries pushes us towards fresh directions, leading the way towards our growth and expansion.

What does this energetic expansion look like for you? You can look to where Aries falls in your Astrology chart to look at which areas of your life is being imbued with creative life force and new energy.

Many of us have had to reassess our lives and relationships in the past year. We have been experiencing old foundations and structures falling away. This process, challenging at many points, has put us in touch with what is essential to our own hearts.

Aries encourages the daring that is required to step into the powerful and authentic selves we are becoming. This New Moon is a propitious time to reaffirm that which we wish to bring into this world, and/or to bring fresh energy and new beginnings to situations and relationships in our lives.

Firm Foundations

There are plenty of supportive aspects at this New Moon.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius hold a container of support for our expansion at this time. These two in the sign of Aquarius encourage building community and connections with integrity, aligned with our values. Sextile to the Aries planets, our individualities and sense of self can be affirmed and celebrated. This is a good time to seek out your tribe, or to plant the wish to find and be welcomed in one.

Relationship Transformation

Amidst the supportive Astrology at this time are two more challenging aspects. In Astrology we recognize challenges as opportunities for us to grow. We have a square from Mars to Neptune. Mars speaks to the action we are taking in the world to realize our goals. Our action plan, communication and strategy may be tested. Our thinking may need to be realigned with the larger vision and dream we are creating.

Venus in Aries is square to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Aries is an embodiment, at her highest, of sacred warrior energy. We may find ourselves negotiating how we assert the strength and power of our individuality, against old structures and traditions that are oppressive and stale in nature. Pluto is a cauldron of transformation for the collective. Here the fierce warrior aspects of the feminine lead the way. Still we must temper the warrior energy of Aries with love, understanding and dialog.

Stepping into the New

All in all, this New Moon is excellent for relieving ourselves of the energies of who we no longer are. Like snakes shedding our skin, we can step through the fires of purification and new life at the Aries New Moon. Claiming the passion and fire of life within us, we can come out the other side, aligned and centered in the truth and authenticity of our true selves.