Reality Check!

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Have you ever fell in love with someone and they didnt love you back the same way you did them?

9 times outta 10 thats because they truly dont,they are only with you because they “just” want a relationship..YOU on the other hand,lets face it guys, none of us JUST want a relationship as if we’re taking another person into our life’s like a comfort blanket or statue you put on the wall like a trophy just to look at and state “Hey,see that! thats mines”...the kind and loyal people (such as ourselfs) you know who you are, dont treat others like toys or a thing! The truth is, we dont just want to be loved and be shown effection we gladly give it as well to the person whom we choose to love,why? its not just in some of our DNA ,its the way we’ve been hurt from before inthe past.. our past dont dictate who we are now but it gives us awake up call to make sure we DONT EVER MAKE THE SAME PAST MISTAKES AGAIN! so therefore with that being said,when you have some one who truly cares,thinks and makes you their TOP PRIORITY make them yours as well and dont ever think twice when they do this to and for you as this clearly shows THEY LOVE YOU xoxo…you know what love feels and is suppose to be like because YOUR CAPABLE OF IT due to the hurt and you know the bad kinda love to the good kinda love to tell the difference between the two! when you question that good person that means your walking into the relationship still with fear from your past that your dragging along with you telling yourself “S/He may do to you what the last one done” and make you accuse them and even question them to the point of uncomfortability..STOP DOING THAT UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY.because when you question that person out of fear you make them not just uncomfortable bt the point where they feel maybe YOUR the one that cant be trusted and your anxiety gets the best of you to where accusing is the only thing in the relationship you can do and you get too used to it you actually feel your right when your not! because the feeling gets stronger like an urge..

the message : you have a angel by your side dont abuse it,stop questioning it,whatever happened in their past and yours learn to let it go and move forward otherwise set them free and take 10 steps backwards and remain there.because your not even helping yourself to your own happiness,your hurting yourself more…#RealityCheck