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As Spring makes its approach in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope that you have found 2020 to be a bit easier than 2019. For some, this year, although will be better, will be seen as another period of seemingly endless obstacles, but as the Planets shift, and Venus prepares for the rest of her journey through the Zodiac, it will be able to bring about loving relationships, heart-felt connections, and meaningful transitions for each of us, especially if we know right where to look. But if the boat is missed, I’m afraid that story won’t be quite so simple, and the darkness of the journey may even seem as that darkness that passes through an endless night.

This time last year, Mars took its path of retribution, providing a Karmic test, where this year, as Venus makes the same trajectory, the results of the test will be coming back with the Karmic question finding some with a tougher hand than others. Venus, the Planet of Love, is also indicative of the Empress in the Tarot, who represents the mother of the mystery of nature and is the embodiment of the divine energy of life itself. She is the mother of the great mysteries of the ancients, and as the ruler of Taurus, she is Natural Law, but as the ruler of Libra, she is the Judgment of Natural Law. I have come to think of her as the Enchantress, and not in that of a deceptive way, but in that of a test of an individual’s character.

In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, she is the old woman the prince turns away, sneering at the rose she held, seemingly all she had to offer, and appears before him as the beautiful enchantress, turning him into the form of the beast, a most Karmic Fate, while also offering the chance to find redemption through love. Although this is the setup for a rather fantastical fairy-tale, it is an allegorical reminder that we should always strive to tame the animal nature within ourselves, that we should strive to be more caring, loving, and find the path of peace, first for ourselves, so that we can then use this to help others. In the Tarot, the Emperor is indicative of Aries, whose Planetary ruler is Mars, the obvious pairing of Venus in the skies. Venus is currently in Aries, where she will remain until March 5th, creating a sentimental disposition for friendship. Siblings will find it easy to overcome rivalries during this period of time, and parents with children who are grown will find connections with them (especially, in some cases, a re-connection of those that are estranged) to be more frequent.

On March 5th, once Venus moves onto her throne in the Mansion of Taurus, she will be preparing herself for the journey of her longest stance through 2020, a retrograde movement. after a bit of a forward stance, through the Mansion of Gemini. While being in Taurus, there will be one final test, a test of “things.” This is where she will be testing the resolve of individuals’ abilities to let go of some of the more earthly desires that are present. During this time, she will be working with the powerful. energy of Earth, joined by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all three of which are in Capricorn. There will be opportunities during Venus’s time spent in Taurus for us to find love and to do so by way of looking beyond the earthly endeavors that seem to drive the goals of modern humankind. To see love for what it truly is will mean to pass such a test, but to find oneself draped in a sea of materialism will only be to the demise of the individual that fails to see the true beauty of the situation at hand.

On April 3rd, Venus will arrive in Gemini, her esoteric ruler-ship. It is here that she will see the two sides of the same coin when passing out the hand of judgment that only Venus can, using the divine influence of the Law of Karma. In Gemini, Venus has the power to grant the opportunity for an individual to possess, simultaneously, an affinity for the spiritual and physical elements embodied within those that we love, experiencing both at the same time.

On May 13th, Venus will go into a retrograde motion, where her powers will seem to reflect the positions of the mind, instead of the physical actions that would otherwise be held into account. This power, being held in Gemini, can offer a touch of madness along with its stance, as a reflection of some of the Karmic influences that this will unveil. Those who have kept peace in the immediate world around them have seen the true beauty underneath, have walked in the steps of goodness and mercy, and have followed suit with a resolve for forgiveness will be able to go through this time easily, with hope in their hearts. For those who haven’t done so well in this department, the significance of the Karmic unloading will be rather difficult, finding paradoxical positions in the world around them, finding it to be next to impossible to distinguish love from hate, from right and wrong, and from sanity to madness, as the steps that will be created by this position will be one of five direct influences of the Karmic Planetary unfurling over 2020.

Vor ungefähr 1 Jahr

On June 25th Venus will go direct again through Gemini, where it will remain until August 7th, at which point in time, it will be moving into the Sign of Cancer. During its last stance in Gemini, this is where the true demolition will take place, causing upheaval, uncertainty, and a bit off unpleasantness for those unprepared for the events that will come forward during this time. I cannot stress enough the importance of acting for the good in the world, for as it says in the ancient texts of this world, in more than one place in multiples of scripture and holy versus from every religion, “all things work together for good.”

To work toward the belittlement, bewilderment, and beguilement of another individual (or to find a state of unintentional self-destruction) can ring the bell that sits at Karma’s throne, for although it will ultimately come out for the good, the unjust is still given, most unfortunately, enough time to offer a walk into such temptation. “Be ye kind, one to another.” Kindness, although doesn’t always offer an immediate reward, is something that I am certain that all of us can constantly work on, as there is never too small a place for kindness in this world we have built for ourselves. Living with kindness doesn’t always seem to grant the benefits that we may hope for, where life always seems, in one way or another, to hold us back, but showing the resolve for persevering and conquering a temper, a day old bad mood, or a lifetime jaded can create a richness that we can experience within ourselves beyond anything this world can immediately offer, while simultaneously giving us the realization for what we can do for ourselves to attain and achieve that which we may not even realize we desired in the first place… love.