Just Saw A Hawk Wanted to Share ❤️

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So as you all may have figured out…I am highly intuitive HAHA

So, I had just answered the BitWine phone for a reading and typed a bit and sent the charge and waited….screen froze for the person I was selected to give some of my unconditional love ❤️ to and there was an extremely long pause….

30 seconds into the freeze I hear this noise out of my large bay window to my left where my honey and I spend lots of money to keep the birds that visit our property well fed….many many blue Jay’s today

In fact, I had gone out about an hour beforehand to pick the food up off the ground that had fell from the hanging carousel just above it but the blue Jay’s are a little too big for that feeder so they will knock the food on the ground so they can eat it more easily….

They knocked it back down so I let them have what they wanted AND THEN….

The noise I heard 30 seconds into the PC freezing and I looked up to the window from my scree which the window is low enough to see the ground because it is so large (just perfect for bird watching ❤️) and what do I see…

A HAWK clutching a poor blue jay in its talons making the bird look so so small

It had this curved beak and beatty little eyes and smaller size wings it was more than a foot of the ground in height

As I reached for my camera (you know I did) my babe needed to see this one the hawk turned its head as its back was facing the window and gave me that proverbial stare as I froze hoping he wouldnt fly away

I am telling you the gaze of a hawk does make you feel some type of way you know and we just stared for moments as I did not move

For those of you who follow animal symbolism I know you are sighing with great gratitude and confidence with me at such an experience which is why I thought I would share

Look to the animals in your life to see what the universe maybe trying to tell you…if that fails…I am here for you ❤️

Vor ungefähr 1 Jahr

I my self do see animal has a symbolism message soon this hawk will return to bring you a massage first u will see a very little bird the ones with the long nose they will bring u good new when u see this plz think very positive and make some wishes u may have been trying to think of way to make more money trying to come up with new things to better your business and asking your angels for spiritual help you may have been feeling down with question on were u can better things for you and some one you care about well I do want u to know that god is giving u a sign not to worry your gonna see some positive change in your home life ok I love your story ty for telling it to everyone your a beautiful person