Vor ungefähr 1 Jahr


For the last two years, a gentle yet abrupt and restrictive energy has been felt by a lot of people, especially air and fire signs. If you were to ask anyone how their last year or so has been, the response tends to be, well, negative. Saturn, the Planet that rules restrictions and the Guardian at the Gate, has been in its home position of Capricorn, and when Saturn feels at home, it is able to wreak havoc especially when it has the other outer planets to help it do its bidding.

Pluto, the Planet which rules dark impulses, honors its promise by using those dark impulses so that other revelations can be brought to light. When this happens, the enlightenment from this distant dwarf planet brings with it the long night, over which time the revelation plays itself out. Synchronicity has been a major theme for millions of people lately, whether they are aware of it, or not. Religion is taking a left-handed turn, as people who have become frustrated with it over a course of time are turning their backs to it, while those that have written religion off are finding spiritual value in it, in ways that were never thought to be possible.

Similarly, the ancient tenants of Hermeticism of Hermes Trismegistus of Greece and the wisdom of the Great Scribe Thoth of Egypt are more pronounced in the daily lives of people as discoveries in the Sahara are unearthing everything from sacred artifacts to tombs and mummies in quantities that haven’t been seen in 50-70 years. The ancient systems of Kabbalah and Tree of Life of the Hebrews, the Chakra and Aura system of the Hindus, and the Anunnaki and gods of the Babylonians have all seemed to be creeping slowly into the minds of people who have taken a deeper interest in such concepts, especially in a younger generation where the Great Mystery Schools of the Ancients are being studied, as people are realizing that it is still rather possible to have the same experience the Greeks, Egyptians, Zoroastrians, and Babylonians did in their rites and practices.

If you have found yourself taking interest in themes, ideas, concepts, and other such influences of philosophy, religion, and even if you have been inadvertently exposed to strange phenomena that has pulled back the veil of everyday consciousness, you are part of this train of synchronicity, and I suspect that this will only continue to become more and more pronounced as the Age of Aquarius increases its magnetism with the passage if time, experience, and consciousness.

Vor ungefähr 1 Jahr


Pluto’s involvement in these proceedings have been subtle, at best, as it has been in Capricorn (without retrograding back to Sagittarius) since November 26th, 2008. It will be there until January 21st, 2024, and so for the next four years, the speed of thought will be seen to increase the endeavor of these ancient wonders, forming the realization that that which we thought was ancient transcends space and time. The pyramids are not mere stacks of stone resting for an eternity near the longest river in the world. They had purpose beyond that of a reminder of a life that is nearly impossible to fathom. They weren’t placed in the center of what was the largest population center in the world at the time they were at their greatest because they were a sight for the eye to behold. They were placed there as a means to an end, to raise the awareness of consciousness within the human experience, for the hopes that in death, these temples would serve as the gateway to a safe passage.

By the time Pluto has made its way through Capricorn, more discoveries of the pyramids will be made, including the discovery of the chambers and their ability to resonate at a specific frequency, and in some cases, frequencies and tones (musical notes) that were thought not to be possible on the sliding scale of music here on earth. The Hieroglyphs will be revealed, not as to their per character meaning, but in the overall sense of what they are, the keys to transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration of alchemy. These are the long term restrictions of the Age of Pisces, which brought the death of the Neoplatonist philosophies, morals, and ethics of Greece, the repackaging of Rome from an occult following, honoring Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the sky god Jupiter to the long and slow transformation into Vatican City, collecting for themselves the artifacts, writings, manuscripts, but most of all, the gold of the fallen cities and countries before them during the Crusades and after.

The long night of the Age of Pisces slowly evaporates, creating the way forward, but the tolerance of Aquarius doesn’t leave the fish of Pisces out to dry, but rather makes room in its cup, by virtue of a gained understanding of the importance of cultures, religions, and other rites that belong to the people of the nations they stemmed from. As it is more realized that there are patters sewn deep within our subconsciousness that enable one person who has never even considered taking an interest in Babylon,to witness the strange, cartoon-like, yet very real and vivid images as bright as the sun on the darkest night, which depict the same gods of old, or another individual to experience the dryness of Egypt, from their own backyard on a hot summer day, only to feel the temperature within the pyramid, through their mind, be cold like ice, as though they were there, consciousness will expand to bring the enlightenment that was promised in this most necessary age. And as men that realized that burning witches at the stake, stealing people’s lands in the name of a god or deity, or condemning one group or another because of what they so happen to believe is NOT what should follow the laws of Nature, the Universe, and the Monad, a new truth will emerge, a truth that brings with it happiness, peace, tranquility, tolerance, and the greatest expression of humanistic love as we turn to help our fellow brothers and sisters in this life, instead of expecting help from those that we turn toward. As these next four years emerge, I pray that the tenants of kindness, peace, mercy, benevolence, and the structures of liberty, justice, and unencumbered freedom find every soul living in this world, that this life may be spent with care, love, and the reverence for nature and the unity of humanity that the Earth deserves. God bless you all, and happy new year!

Best Wishes, Draven