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I am proficient in tarot, astrology, numerology and other forms of divination, including the use of my own psychic and divinatory practices, including my own intuitive gifts, as well as somnambulism that I use to converse with the subconscious, and art form that I have been gaining understanding of, practicing, and striving to perfect for myself for several years now. But it isn’t about my gifts that should bring you by, but rather about my results. Whether it is a relationship, a job, not getting the home you desired, or even losing any of the aforementioned in a way that might seem totally and utterly unfair, finding the ways to accept that theses things have happened, understanding that these events are not outside of the divine plan that the Universe will continue to carry forward, until such a time that we will all find our place in this plan, and whether it is forgiving ourselves or forgiving someone else, forgiveness, acceptance, and prudent action are the only ways to raise to the next levels in overcoming such hardships. I want to help you to achieve these things.

If your question is about love, I have helped countless individuals in establishing a plan for their relationship, opening the door to communication, knowing oneself, and using this as a tool to understand their partner, gaining the realizations for how best to solve some of the many problems that can arise in a relationship. Most everyone that I can think of that I have met in my life have wanted things to be a little easier, to not have to experience the agitative frustration of struggle, and I have talked to many people who have wanted love to be nothing but easy, to have it just be handed to them without question. But love is built on a foundation of trust, and is given the gift to soar when the wings of adjustment unfold. I have talked to many people who have said that if someone is going to act in a certain way, not call at a certain time, or to simplify, not to take an action to further the course of love because of someone else’s actions or lack thereof, this probably means that it is time to evaluate yourself.

_Have you told your partner how you feel, because they have decided they are so set in their ways that they follow a path of stubbornness?

Have you given up on love simply because you haven’t found the courage to take the required steps that would enable the right placement of fortitude for you, your partner, and the relationship?

Have you stayed quiet in the face of your feelings when something upsets you, or have you had a conversation with your partner about how the best way for you both to communicate is?

Are you thwarted by your past, with fear that something you have said and done might impact the nature of your current relationship?_

These questions that we ask ourselves can lead to greater changes that are required for us to move forward in life. Relationships, friendships, divorce and separation, as well as mixed signals and stagnated directions are my specialty, and when it comes to love, the greatest question of all seems to be “is it worth fighting for?

Once the realization sets in, that you are able to step beyond your comfort zone and expand the confines of what that zone was, turning it into what it needs to be for you to conquer the positions that, in many cases, you hold most dear, a visceral experience of fulfillment and a feeling of empowerment sets in. Once you realize the strengths that you have, you can more easily use those tools to tear down the weaknesses that you possess, and more easily transmute them into strengths. We are all given strengths and weaknesses, and those that are the strongest recognize the weaknesses that they have, so that they can build up the strengths that they desire to possess.

When it comes to other matters of life, I am well equipped to help with anything that you might be facing, and I will always help you to see what is around the corner without judgment, and in an open, honest, and unbiased way. Come and see why a reading with me is not only different from what you’re used to, but will also provide unique insight into any situation, where if given the chance, I will be able to help you to understand what positions in life are holding you back so that you can overcome these struggles and find the best way forward through peace, love, fortitude, but most of all, through happiness. Please send me a message if you have any questions about how I do my readings or if you want to find out if I am equipped to handle your current situation, and I will be more than happy to reply to you. I am very much looking forward to chatting with you!









Vor ungefähr 1 Jahr

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