Spiritual message for 23 09 2017

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Pray intensely and with faith. Then, Grace will be showered on you. When your heart is soaked in Love, it cannot be contaminated by egoism and its evil consequences. Just as you crave for physical health, which means health for the limbs of the body, you should strive for the health of humanity, which means peace and joy for all sections of society in all nations. If you dwell in that wider outlook, you will start feeling less and less for your own troubles and worrying more and more about the troubles of others. That is the initial offering of yourself in the great ‘yajna’ (ritual sacrifice) called ‘living.’ You should merge your welfare with the welfare of the world. How can you be happy when your neighbour is in misery? Therefore I call upon you to give up praying for your own advancement; pray for the peace, prosperity and happiness of all humanity, irrespective of clime or colour.