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Authenticity is staying true to your self.

The authentic self (Soul) emerges, but collapses the false self (ego).

In many cases, when one is in co-dependent relationships, they are stuck in the co-dependency, drama and crazy making, and find themselves going around in circles and wonder why they keep finding themselves in a similar scenario as the last one in relationships.

For one to find true love, they must take the time to evaluate there emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and sexual patterns. What kind of individual are you attracting to yourself?

There are patterns in relationships you’ve formed over your life time. How you think, emote, speak, and act all reflects on the outcome of your relationship.

Are you standing in your authentic truth, or being dishonest with yourself?

Are you being honest with another individual speaking clearly?

Often individuals live in fear and afraid to say what they truly desire, want, and hope for in a relationship. They may be reserved, shy, timid, and hold back their truth. They can remain docile and allow other individuals to walk all over them.

If you find yourself doing this, it’s time to stand in your truth, get past your fears, and choose to stand your ground. By allowing dominate individuals to ignore you, only brings emotional and mental pain.

When expressing yourself, the false self (Ego) naturally wants to seek revenge, pay back, and do harm.

The authentic self (Soul) will acknowledge everyone is imperfect, emotionally wounded, and love is the only answer.

Love through your words. You can still stand up for yourself in a calm and mature way. Respond rather than react out of impulse and emotion.

Speak what’s on your mind. Stick to the facts. Never assume or conclude. Know you’re projecting your experience on the situation. This may be true or false.

Accept there will always be miscommunication, misunderstanding, and differences of opinion.

Try to be objective and understand it’s not something to take personally and to heart when others are negative and critical.

Empathize with them. Place yourself in their shoes? Pay attention to the words, the body language, the actions and evaluate whether the person is really trying to harm you, or they’re just trying to express their desires, needs, and wants?

Perhaps they don’t know how to express themselves any more than you do.

The more you understand you, the more you can understand another individual. What irritates you the most about people? Think how you may do this yourself to others, but unintentionally. What we don’t like in another person is always in ourselves.

How would you like to be handled? How do you think they would like to be treated? Usually it’s the same answer.

Do you allow them to be their authentic true self or do you get mad every time they stand in their truth and insist it must be on my terms and my way.

Do you intimidate, threaten, and be negative towards them. It’s true we reap what we sew.

If you don’t like something they’re doing, always check what you’re doing, adapt, adjust, and take a different approach.