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The most accurate and honest tarot reading you will ever experience. No sugar coating, no fairy tales, only honesty and the truth.

Tarot readings are not just pictures on cards with vague descriptions. I use my Psychic ability and see and feel visions that relate to your situation. The tarot is my guide to your life and this is how i have gained precision in an otherwise other worldly ability that can sometimes be unstable, fragile and over whelming to me. This tool has helped me refine my ability in a way that i can use it for good and to help others.

14 years experience reading and studying one of the oldest divination tools still used today. With my blessed Tarot I can set your mind at ease, let you know where your relationship is going, if your lover is faithful and let you know when you might be married.

Look no farther than the stars, and my readings for the insight and clarity you need NOW!

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Tarot readings are best conducted by experienced hands only. I wish to share my gift with you to give you the utmost clarity and peace. I use Oracle cards, Angel cards, French Tarot and Thoth deck at my own judgment. Let me pick the right deck for you.

Astrology readings take into consideration your birth date and time of birth for an accurate "portrait" of your life and what is to come.

Spell and candle work helps you to feel at peace and bring healing to which that is in pain. It gives you protection and a sound mind,so you can sleep at night with no worries. Ask in chat about prices.


Psychic Reader; Tarot/Angel Card Reader;Relationship Adviser; Counselor;

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Without exception, all clients are responsible for the choices they may choose to make. If you need medical or legal advice, please seek it out by going to medical or legal professionals. Reiterating, readings here are for entertainment purposes only, and I am absolutely exempt from any liabilities arising due to any decisions and/or actions taken by her clients at any given time. Every one of us has been gifted with free will to use when and as we see fit. My guide and I can help guide you as you make those decisions by providing insights into reasons behind actions and/or behaviors, losses, etc., but this is all that I can do. Only God, himself, has the ability to see when who will and will not use their free will, which can, and actually often does, change time-frames and sometimes even outcomes. All clients hereby acknowledge that by clicking hire, they are absolutely responsible for any fees incurred and that they have read, understood, and agree with this disclaimer. Thank you and blessings.

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18 Oct 2011 excellent ranking rainbow25

I cannot say enough good things about these advisors. They both are so sweet, kind and generous. They're just wonderful :)

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09 Oct 2011 excellent ranking bluey254


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06 Oct 2011 excellent ranking parathy

what a wonderful truthful reader I mean this was a experience of a life time she is good better than good I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the truth and restoring their life.

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15 Sep 2011 excellent ranking rainbow25

Always love talking to her and updating her :) She always gives me a breath of positivity and understands my situation. Great reader and very kind and generous. Call her, you won't be disappointed!

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14 Sep 2011 excellent ranking parathy

very good reading. would recommend. Give her a try she does a good reading!

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