Love and Relationships. single and dating. all solutions are here.I will help you to overcome the obstacles life has thrown at you.With my help I will guide you to the right path to achieving your aims* desires* wishes and dreams. With only a phone call away you will receive piece of mind and answers to all your questions and problems no matter what they are.Loneliness is a thing of the past.I can guide you in a positive path in all directions of life. I can cast love spells and advise you on what potions and herbs can best work on any problem you have. To increase wealth love energy health and to decrease stress worry anxiety . Psychic Reader, Tarot Reader, love guidance, love and relationships, Spirituality & Religion. Thank you! Give me a call (or drop me an email!), you won’t be disappointed.

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I am specialize in Love and Relationships. And also I have professional training/degree in psychology – BS-MS (1999); I have worked as a certified psychotherapist since 1996 in South America, as a MFT (marriage and family therapist) in California, and as a mental health therapist in Arizona and Nevada since January 2002. My most recent degree is a MA in Integral-Transpersonal psychology from John F. Kennedy University. My work experience was gained working on outpatient mental health clinics, non-profit agencies, inpatient clinics and through my private practice. I did extensive research in hypnotherapy since the beginning of the 90s. I have worked as a hypnotherapist in my private practice since 1996. I was also trained and certified as a hypnotherapist in CA in 2003.


I specialize in spiritual healing, card readings, and I am also a visionary and psychic medium. I am highly accurate, and can help guide you. I also connect strong and fast with you. The answers, and guidance you will receive will be accurate and honest. I use my abilities to show you which paths in life are best for you to take while showing you your options and choices along the way. I will provide you with the answers you have been waiting for, so you will be able to make an informed decision. I want to help you get back on track. Have your date of birth: M/D/Y please! I have been working as a Psychic Advisor and Healer for over 25 years, however I have had the ability since birth. I have also have my own business for over 20 years.

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30 Jul 2014 excellent ranking ligress2013

Simply incredible! I am amazed. Highly recommended reader! Thank you! =)

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22 Jul 2014 excellent ranking lilacsandroses

Lovely reading, very informative and detailed. Loved every minute talking to her! She's simply the best.

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13 Jul 2014 excellent ranking mabjoerka

thanks a lot for your guidance.

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09 Jul 2014 excellent ranking white2rose83

God I wish I could have known this lady since I started using bitwine (few years ago). She is a true blessing. Thank you so much.

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08 Jul 2014 excellent ranking sheeni821 (unregistered)

Very detailed and spot on. Thank you for your detailed reading :)

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