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Born Precognitive Clairvoyant Empath. As My Mother, and Grandmother, I have seen Angels all my life.

I am well respected as one of the Most Authentic & Gifted Clairvoyants on the NET.

I am a natural born clairvoyant, like my mother, and grandmother.

I work very closely with Angels. LISTEN to them!

If I cannot connect with you in 3 minutes I will let you know & end the call. I will not waste your money or time.


I tell you the TRUTH. It can hurt, so be ready! I do my best to guide you to True Happiness.

I see visions in my 3rd eye and hear Angels & Guides in my left ear. The messages I give you come directly from them. I never give my opinion.

We are all in control of our own lives. Decisions made today effect tomorrow. Free will is a very powerful Gift from God Use it wisely!

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CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I studied psychic development at Psychic Eye in California between 1995-1998. I was Certified as Master Psychic at Lady of Avalon Psychic Services in 2000. In 2010 I was named one of USA’s Best Psychics by the Best American Psychic Network. I am one of the most sought after psychics on and have been since its inception.

I have been giving readings since I was nine years old. I have given full time readings in person and on the net since 2001. I currently also give Angel Commuication Seminars in the Pacific North West Area. Am known for my Clairvoyance, Accuracy, and most importantly, Ethics.


I very much love my work and am deeply devoted to what I do.

I am Clairvoyant (Clear-seeing), Clairaudient (Clear-hearing), Clairsentient (Clear-feeling). I work with your Angels and Spirit Guides always with your highest good in mind.

I see images that tell me what you are experiencing. I feel emotions, physical sensations, including smells, and the touch of Angels.

I hear messages from your Guides and Angels. Every reading I do is approached as Sacred. Information always comes from a Divine Source. I am completely devoted to being as accurate as possible.

When reading with any psychic, it is best to keep the question in mind, and not the answer.

That ensures you will get an accurate answer, not the one you want or fear.

My clients range from devoted parents to celebrities (including celebrity psychics!) Like all psychics, I cannot connect with everyone. If I cannot connect with you, I will tell you before the reading starts, and not waste your time and money.

Many Blessings, Madea-Michelle

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23 Jul 2014 excellent ranking gianna02

Great first reading!

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23 Jul 2014 excellent ranking supersweetie12

Hope she is correct

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22 Jul 2014 excellent ranking parathy

She is a friend to me more then anything, a trusted one. She really have my wellness at heart. Wonderful reader and person! Very clear and confident in her delivery. Answered my questions without beating around the bush. She tells it how it is, and I'm excited for what's to come. Her predictions really came true lots of times and I know this time it will too. Thank you so much. Lots of love.

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21 Jul 2014 excellent ranking sadhillon

Wow. Amazing. i am still in shock. she really really helped me out.

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12 Jun 2014 excellent ranking parathy

I finally found her. I missed her so much. Have always been guiding me in the right path and she went missing for a while. And she is back in my life again and i really thank her for the good news, she brought with her for me. Do you know how amazing Michelle is? she's so sweeet, she is so accurate. amazing. amazing. amazing. She is simply the most authentic, incredibly gifted, and generous person on the planet, and beyond. I have no doubt that there are other gifted people, but none that use their immense talent and power so selflessly, and comfortably as She does. I'll love you forever, and your advice and direction shall always be headed. The love comes through in every word and every revelation..Thank you so much.

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