Alee Jaan

God image on Earth


Alee not only show your future and fate rather guide you too how to change/make it as desired. You just can not figure out what is wrong with you!! So instead of feeling, lost, frustrated, aggravated, let me bring back the glow that was once in your life by counseling, Reiki, Meditation and Prayers…...... Alee don’t do best rather do the required. Smart stunning Results only! NO fairy tales just to please you. Be open to get the utmost precise feed back about feelings, emotions, temper, passion, interests, and inclination towards you of your soul mate. Alee receives accurate signals of past, present and future events from the spirit world and extract simplicities out of complexities to add pleasures and smiles in your heart and soul. Alee is your master mind for Dating & Relationships, Love, Couples Counseling, Anxiety, spiritual cleansing and career.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master of Psychology & Anthropology


I have spent life with books and meditations. 10% of my budget is specified for knowledge. I met with scholars, trainers and consultants through out the world to supervise my psychic & Spiritual studies and experiences. Hence I have formulated many facts and concepts concerned to humanities / human brain & Psychology, Love and Relations. I am conducting group and individual sessions regarding identification and elimination / correction of misconceptions, idea of happy life, secrets of relations building and development, closures towards Love, Spiritual Therapies, Reiki Attunements etc,

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