Clairsentient, astrologer and healer


You will receive a clear and accurate reading from the heavens, my guides and clairsentience.

I work with many different tools.

I will give a fair 3 min intro. After that, you decide if it resonates. If not then please do hang up as it won’t be free after that.

I’ve been clear seeing and hearing since a child. I trained through an array of circles. I then went on to study astrology through the White Eagle Lodge and hold certificates in both natal and horary astrology (Question of the hour). I also have Counselling level three certificate.

What is horary astrology?

This is an ancient method that elects a horoscope for the exact time the question is asked and predicts through the heavens and is known to be extremely accurate.

I believe my guides to be powerful, munificent and encouraging.

They are sharp, astute and accurate to many. Nothing is 100% guaranteed in life as we know, this is the test of it, but I can provide insight. I welcome you to be relaxed + open minded. :)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

• Over ten years of experience as a psychic tarot reader and Astrologer • Astrology intermediate certificate

White Eagle Lodge • Horary astrology certificate -Sue Ward • Open Studies Level Three Counselling • September 2016 -April 2017 -

• University for the Creative Arts • September 2004 – June 2007


Quick, fast, efficient answers. I work best by getting straight into the concern at heart alongside empowering, uplifting guidance with tarot and clairsentience

In times of uncertainty using horary astrology for accuracy

An array of guidance tools to seek the information that pertains to your higher subconscious mind when facing tough decisions

Angelic support with no problem too big or small

Past life readings and guidance around love compatibility and life’s obstacles alongside the use of astrology. Do you feel you are going through a cycle you can’t explain? Allow me to look into this and provide a deeper insight, wisdom and explanation.

TERMS & CONDITIONS In having a consultation with Lucy Starr, either paid or unpaid the client customer is agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1. Any client dissatisfaction must be brought to the attention of Lucy within 48 hours, where she will review and offer feedback and further information and look to a mutually satisfactory resolution. Past this time period it is acknowledged and assumed that the client is fully satisfied.

2. You accept and agree that all payments in respect of consultation with Lucy Starr are final and that neither myself or BitWine offers no refunds.

3. Charges and Payment are made in respect to the actual time duration used consulting with Lucy Starr and not for the subject matter; which is subjective, personal and confidential.. You understand that once you make payment for any and all transactions this is final and a legal binding agreement to retain my services for the duration of minutes provided.

4. You agree that you will not seek to cancel, chargeback, or otherwise seek a refund on any basis that is fraudulent, misleading, or untrue. You understand that if I am ever required to defend myself and appeal any chargeback claim submitted documentations, policies, links, terms of service, screenshots, logs and full copies of our transcript will be provided to both Paypal and BitWine. In cases where suspected fraudulent activity is suspected then similar details will be passed to the relevant law enforcement agencies, in both my country and the country of origin.

4. You agree and understand that you are subject to PayPal’s Terms and Conditions including Privacy Policy.

5.. All clients must be 18 or over. No questions on health, pregnancy, legal matters or complicated financial situations. Divination is a tool and is used to offer guidance and clarity and is used for entertainment purposes only. I also reserve the right to refuse any client a reading. All actions and decisions taken by the client after a consultation are solely theirs and cannot be attributed to any advice seen to be given by the reading itself.

6. No readings will be given to an Unregistered User. I will have no option but to disconnect your call. Please ensure you are registered prior to making contact.

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