I CAN HELP RESOLVE YOUR PAST.ENLIGHTEN YOUR PRESENT AND. PREDICT YOUR FUTURE.your love life? Need answers on who or what came between you? Why has he/she become so …
Your Happiness Awaits You…If you dont know your purpose in life cant seem to find happiness,.inner peace,true love if you feel your life is at a standstill or repeats the same cycle If you feel lost,lonely,depressed,confused decieved if your seeking positive …
love and relationships love spells past life reading.spiritual healing psychic spirit guides tarot reading come dont wait time is of the Essence

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I COME FROM A LONG LINE OF READERS AND ADVISORY.HELLO MY NAME IS LILY.AM A SPELL CASTER.AND TIME CASTER.I DO LIFE MAPPING.BINDING/ AND SO ON …... and their are many different types available so you can choose what you are looking for, either expansions of the chakra system, psychic awareness, self healing or other, listening to wonderful music and just letting your mind flow wherever it wants is very relaxing and helps you to learn to listen to your self and your body.

transcendental meditation is to allow you to experience your inner silence or peace to give you pause or rest within the constant noise of humanity and the universe.

to achieve is the best way to decide


I HAVE LED SEMINARS IN TEACHEING .PSYCHIC READINGS AND CHAKRA BLANCHING SPELL CASTING. CLEANSING OF BODY MIND SPIRIT &TURNING TIME Essentially deciding what you would like TO HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE. Why can’t I tell anyone about my spell? There are two reasons for this: FIRST , your spell work may be affected in a negative way simply because when you tell people about your situation they may yield unhealthy advice that you may choose to follow. SECOND: they may be yielding situational facts to someone they thought was a friend but is really an enemy undercover , which can cause complexities to the overall situation . be sure that they are not working with another spell caster that may be giving them bad or no advice.  

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