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Entertainment Only Oracle Readings--Fixed Price


NO REFUNDS. CHARGEBACKS WILL BE CONTESTED. I offer only the readings listed below. Prices are fixed. Please select one and be prepared to say which one you want during the pre-chat. You will also be asked to confirm that you understand there will not be a refund and any chargebacks will be contested (by showing the transcript of your "no refund" agreement to paypal).

Sometimes "entertainment" readings will still level some truth at you, but they are intended more as affirmations and lighter reflections along your journey.

1. $10 3 Oracle Cards pulled from your choice of decks below. You can choose a focus of love, career, or life. Decks to choose from: Self-love Notes, Enchanted Map, Romance Angels, Surrender Cards, Archetypes, Vintage Wisdom, Magical Unicorns, and Whispers of Love.

2. $20 5 Card Faery Reading. Choose a focus of love, career or general. I use only one deck for this reading.

3. $15 Goddess/God/Ghost. I use a Goddess deck, a God deck, and Ghost Tales deck for this reading.


I have been reading cards for over 25 years. I started actively reading for others two years ago through an online site and received overwhelmingly positive responses and many referrals. After I had done 100 readings for people around the world through that site, I decided to go pro. I love reading cards. It’s a fascinating experience every time.

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