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Hello and welcome, my name is Nikki. I am a psychic adviser and Love Specialist. with the force to tap into ones, emotional and spiritual energy,by doing so this gives me the ability to guide you through all aspects of life, I have been blessed with the ability to see the past as it was the present as it is and the future as it will be, im here to help you make the right choices to put you on the most successful path to happiness. I truly care about my clients and helping them see and recognize there self worth.i am non-judgmental, so please be open and honest with me for the most accurate answers, i do not sugar coat anything, i strongly believe in honesty and helping those dealing with confusion and find clarity If you are feeling lost and need guidance or seeking answers to tough questions. contact me today I look forward to hearing from you!!! Love And Light

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for over 13 years i have been helping others around me truly find happiness and put them on the right path to fulfill there life’s destiny


love/relationships, friends/family/marriage, career/finance, depression/anxiety,addiction/ sexual healing aura cleansing. chakra balancing. meditation. dream interpretation. connecting with the past living and much more!!!!!


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