Wendy Madia

Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Master, Psychic, Clarity on Romance/Love, Family/Healing, Career/Finance, Judgement Free, Honest, Accurate


I am an Authentic and Experienced Intuitive Tarot Reader with 20 plus years’ experience. Very detailed, accurate and trusted messages delivered quickly in a nonjudgmental and safe environment. A psychic, a wise woman, a mystic, and a sage are all just labels for an attuned woman with source. Being one I know the importance of being a safe harbor when things are intense and you are experiencing a trauma and the fun of meeting a soulmate or getting a new job. Source uses attuned people to deliver messages for those in need very much like he does the animals, angels, and guides. They are there to counsel and protect. It is what I call being tuned in, tapped on, and ready to deliver. Spirit does not live in a box; your soul is calling to you and you are one click away from Clarity. My tools of choice are my Clair’s; (Clairsentience-Feeling), (Clairvoyant-Seeing), (Claircognizance-Knowing)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

A Diviner with Over 50 years of exploration

All my Clairs neatly weaved into my daily life

I follow the teaching of Western Occultism

Embracing and sharing the potent science of the Spiritual Worlds always navigating with Devotion and Respect for the insight shared when entering the Sacred land between here and there…

Master Tarot Reader Using the Crowley Thoth tarot deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris and of course the Rider Waite illustrated by Pamela Colman-Smith and for a little extra magic the Osho Zen deck!

Divination extra My beloved Pendulum and Fascinating Casting Oracles…

I have studied with many and share my walk with them but chose to respect the Teacher/Student privilege and understand it is not the teacher but the lessons that lead the open heart to understanding and knowing~


Be realistic about the time required to answer your questions. I cannot unveil your Life in 3 minutes!

Nothing is set in stone. I am an Intuitive Practitioner devoted to sharing Spiritual Insight with others. Allowing my clients to see the truth and finding ways to navigate life as productive and safely as possible. My commitment is to always delivering honest, accurate, and loving messages from our guides. No one in this line of work is ever perfect at delivering messages but often it is the clients connection to the illusion that blinds them from the power of the reading or their lack of trust in the process keeping them from embracing the wisdom given. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. I am here to empower you!

Special offers must be requested before charging starts

15Min.-35.00 ❤ 30Min.-60.00 ❤ 45Min.-100.00

DISCLAIMER: I will always tell you what I see with honesty and truthfulness. I do not make promised predictions Nothing in life is set in stone! The future is fluid, not static. Predictions are not promises or guarantees – only God can offer such things. Predictions are estimates based on what path you are on at the time of the reading – free will and other variables can change things. I do not offer readings on medical or legal matters. All readings are legally considered to be for entertainment purposes only. You are paying for my time and there is a strict no refund policy in place. I do not read for anyone under 18

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