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I provide Empathic and Intuitive spiritual guidance. I cannot tell you the winning lottery numbers or where your grandfather hid the will. What I can do is help you tap into your highest truth. I can tune into your energy and pick up on the message your soul is crying out for you to pay attention to. I can help you to see and understand the signs the universe is giving to you. As a student of shamanic practices, I offer assistance with integrating lessons from teacher plants, spirit quests, and visionary journeys. I also assist with processing spiritual awakening. I perform star chart readings, love advice, animal totem readings, dream analysis, and general spiritual guidance. I receive my impressions by tapping into your energy. Knowing about physical discomforts, synchronicity, sleep disturbances, or anything that allows me to feel your energy, will help me to tap in for our reading.


I have been following my spiritual path for over a decade. I have always been highly empathic and suffered a lot with it until I learned how to use the ability, rather than have it control me. I very easily can feel the emotions and energy of other people. I have chosen to use these skills to help others to heal themselves. Over the past 10 or more years I have spent my time learning body work, energy work, plant medicine, graphology, and personal guidance. My specializations are in integration for shadow work, assisting the unawakened male, love and relationship advice, spiritual guidance, and astrology.

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Languages: English, some Spanish

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