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Know your lovers thoughts, feelings and intentions, find out where you stand in their lives. I am a master ritual caster but also a very detailed tarot card reader and healer. I have the power to solve all of your life problems. I tell you the past as it was, the present as it is and the future as it will be! Insecure about your loved one? What are the reasons for the sudden change in my mate? Will I be satisfied with this relationship? Is this a good time to change lovers? Are you searching for true love? Do you feel stress of love? Are you apart with the one you love? Is he/she Cheating? I have over 19 years of experience reading people’s energy and connecting with spirit guides. What I see and feel Is what will be told to you whether it is good or bad. I am a very honest person and have been told I "keep it real" when most psychics do not.

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I am a psychic love adviser, reading only into matters of the heart. I do not read career at all. I can tell you about your family, friends and enemies. For every love question you have, I have the solution, not just the answer! In each of my readings I will reveal the person of interest’s true thoughts, feelings and intentions of you. I provide accurate details, time frames and predictions. I may describe what a new person coming into your life looks like. In my love readings I reveal all you need to know and called for. I stop your mind from wondering and your heart to sleep in peace with the solutions you have been trying to find all along. It is not easy hearing the truth some readers sugar coat some are just flat out rude but I am just honest. I tell it like it is without slapping you in the face. It is 100% investing and finding out where you stand in your partners mind, heart and intentions.


All of my rituals are 99% simple and effective! For all those times you wasted money on no results, its time to work with a real Curendera with REAL Mexican roots! Choose from candle, oil or herb rituals. Choose from 12 hr, 24 hr, 7 day and 30 day results. Each ritual is different for everyone, you may need a combo!Return Lover Ritual Will reunite your lover back to you after a short or long separation. Stop Unwanted Divorce Ritual Your marriage problems will be healed, and divorce will no longer be a threat to your relationship. Repair Sex Life Ritual Increase the volume and quality of sex you have with your partner. Any issues you were facing in the bedroom will be removed. Heal Broken Relationship Ritual If you and your mate are fighting, disagreeing, and no longer connecting as before, this will heal the problems to allow the relationship to continue in a more positive and loving environment. Remove Negative People Ritual When other people are standing in the way of you and your partner from having a successful relationship, this will remove any negative outsiders from causing any more issues. LGBT Love Ritual Uniquely tailored love rituals to help same sex couples. Commitment Ritual You and your mate love each other, but your mate is slow to commit. This will make them more open to take your relationship to the next level. Fidelity & Forgiveness Ritual This will stop all cheating, and if you were the unfaithful one, your mate will forgive you. Find Twin Flame Ritual Tire of being alone? This ritual will locate and attract your true life partner. Breakup Ritual Your current lover will initiate a break up with you if you’re no longer satisfied in the relationship. This ritual can also be cast if someone you desire is with someone else, and it will cause them to break up as well. Customized Love Ritual Special ritual that will be created just for your unique needs. Beauty Ritual Choose this Attraction Spell – Beauty Spell to become more attractive, more beautiful or to cause someone else to become more attractive and beautiful. Freedom Ritual Choose this ritual if you are living your life under the influence of someone else such as family, lover , friends etc. Break free and live the life you want and feel is best! Wealth Ritual Choose this wealth spell to become wealthy or to make someone else become wealthy. Work Ritual Choose this career spell – job spell to have the career or job you desire or cause someone else to have the career or job they desire. Education Ritual Choose this education spell to receive the education you desire or to cause someone else to receive an education. Addiction/Abuse Ritual Choose this ritual if you or someone you know has an addiction or substance abuse issue they cannot over come! Clean slate no urge no bad influences. NO REFUNDS ON ANY SERVICES PROVIDED AT ANY GIVEN TIME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE

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