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⭐️About Me⭐️

I’m John from Scotland, I have been a working psychic medium now for over 15 years. My work included touring the UK doing live demonstrations of my psychic mediumship abilities, Private consultations in my own spiritual centre and holding workshops.

I connect to your vibration very quickly and deliver clear straight forward answers and insight to your questions. I connect into my spirit team to deliver these messages to you. I don’t need to use any tools, such as tarot card, rune stones, crystal balls etc.

When you have a reading from myself you simply just need to ask your question, sit back and relax. This allows the energy to flow better between the both of us. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like and I will do my best to give you the answer and insight you need.

⭐️1 Hour worth of minutes use as you wish only $85⭐️

You do not have to use all the minutes at once you can spread them out to use when you like. Ask for this deal in chat.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

⭐️Type of readings⭐️

I make a fast connection with you. Here are just some of the type of readings I offer here on Bitwine. All my readings are done via Psychic connection, meaning I use no tools unless you ask for a reading that requires tools such as tarot card reading, crystal ball reading etc. I prefer to give readings using no tools.

✔ One question

✔ Multiple questions

✔ Timelines

✔ Love & Relationships

✔ Family Reading

✔ Career Reading

✔ Tarot Reading

✔ Spirit Guide Readings

✔ Rune stone readings

And so much more this is just to name a few. I can also deliver spiritual healing sessions. These take 10 minutes to preform and are charged at set price. If there is anything you don’t see above please ask as I do lots more types of readings

Readings I will not do

✗ When will I die?

✗ Am I pregnant? What is the gender of my baby?

✗ Will I win the lottery?

✗ I am very ill, please help?

✗ Can you make a spell?

✗ Dream interpretations


⭐️Legal Disclamer⭐️

There are absolutely NO FREE READINGS. When you ask for a reading here on bitwine with myself you are not paying for a reading you are paying for my time. Refunds will not be given unless mutually aggress by myself and yourself.

The first 3 minutes is not a time to get a free reading this is for interdictions. This is the time that we can talk and you can ask questions about how I will work etc. It’s not by any way a time for a reading. Price is clearly marked and you agree to this before any reading takes place.

Any demonstration of mediumship/psychic readings including private readings, phone readings, online readings are a form of experiment and no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. During a demonstration you are not guaranteed a personal message. The old Fraudulent Mediums Legislation is no longer in force. Within UK law, mediumship is now regulated under consumer protection law and to meet this law any reading must be regarded as for entertainment purposes only. Readings should not be used as a substitute for any professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or guidance.

The above statement is shown to keep within the law. I would like to point out that I believe 100% in what I do and the spirit world. I hope one day this statement does not need to be shown!

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