Serenitygarden , Highly Intuitive Empath,Clairvoyant,Clairaudient , Spirit Channeller . I often connect with loved ones , including pets that have crossed over. For a very insightful and informative reading .


Best Deal 10 mins $35.00 20 mins $60


I am a Intuitive Medium , Clairaudient (hearing/listening to spirit ) Claircognizance ( a knowing) , Clairsentience (feeling spirit, touched by spirit) and also quite often Clairalience (smelling) such as in the scent of perfume, or tobacco in connection with spirit that have crossed over.

Gifted from a very early age , I would see, hear and feel spirit . I do not need tools to connect as I am a sensitive and a empath and I sense and feel deeply the emotions being experienced by others . In my readings I will not sugar coat the information to give you what you want to hear but will deliver honest and caring messages from my guides and yours and your loved ones who have crossed over.

If a loved one has a message for you , it is very common for them to pop in during a reading session. They will do this if they feel you are ready to hear messages from them.

Pet Readings $40

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Natural born Medium and Empath very Intuned to the energy and spirit around you and your loved ones.

Background in Psychology and Social Work as well as C.I.M. (Canadian Institute of Management) Business and Service background. Healing and Spiritual Modalities , I am a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner,& Reiki Master .

Intuitive Pet and Animal Readings are Available for a Set Fee $40.00 for 10 min session , with unlimited questions.

Certified Ambassador Of Divine Love Training with Deborah King Blessings Serenity.


I have been reading Professionally since 2005 and privately for over 20 years.

Angels of Energy Healing

Psychic Training Courses with James Van Praagh, John Holland, Deborah King


CERTIFIED ANIMAL REIKI PRACTITIONER I am also available as a Animal Communicator and for Animal Readings.

I am part of a spiritual network , soul session group and locally work to assist others through my spiritual work and channelled art to raise funds for many charitable events and humanitarian functions.

This is part of my work in giving back to others through donations of my art work for You may connect with me on Facebook and or Twitter .

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) October 22, 2018, 01:29PM

Location: Ontario Canada  (Find on Google Maps)

$4.88 per minute (after your approval)

Unlimited questions for 10 mins $35.00

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30 Dec 2017 satisfactory ranking aps183

Will update but great reading

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18 Dec 2017 satisfactory ranking andrea1972

very fast response

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06 Aug 2017 satisfactory ranking ebony111

good reading , could've been more elaborate but overall it was good .

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15 Jul 2017 satisfactory ranking mskimmy

I truly enjoy my reading !!! i will be back to update ...

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14 May 2017 satisfactory ranking estelle74

Well you were right or wrong from time to time, but this time I did not think there's a connection, and you would not like to refund. I have asked yes or no question, and I have payed you to answer. Instead of answering yes or no, you asked me to confirm with the other person. Even gave me wrong dates. Means that you did not connect with the fact. You refused to admit, and refused to refund then left the room directly. What you have told was so vague, and for that kind of answer, I had no need to pay to ask. I am disappointed. UPDATE: Unfortunately, I have known that I have things in the time period that you have told, therefore you were not connected to my question. My question was related to other dates and I have stated it from the very beginning. Why told me things that I've already known? If you're not able to answer just say it...And still now you don't want to admit....

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