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I am a natural born lightworker and it is my souls mission to help others. I have been blessed to have been the apprentice of one of the most progressive astrologers in the world.

I am a Spiritualist. I am a Reiki Master, Registered Yoga instructor, Tarot reader, crystal fanatic, and according to my friends, a witch. But please know- I will never sell you spell work. I will however coach you on spells if you would like. Unless the help you are requesting goes against my spiritual code of ethics.

Please be aware. I am an honest astrology reader – one who trusts myself and my guides enough not to doubt the readings I am providing. That said- I am not working on this site to collect positive feedback. I am here to help raise the vibration of the world- and help you make choices that will help you find happiness and contentment.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

• Mystic Astrologer- trained by the late Steve Nelson of GAIA Astrology • Registered Yoga Instructor • Tarot card reader • Reiki Master • Meditation/Chakra Balancing Expert • Spells Expert ( however I will not cast for you- but I will teach you how to cast yourself) • PSYCHIC HEALER


I have been a psychic healer since birth. Doing readings is my souls purpose.

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